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Operation Ciggie Busters

Guten Tag,

Meine Schutz Staffen Jugend, Hundred of  Hoo Division, Medway (sorry ich vergessen .. English)

My SS Youth, Hundred of Hoo Division, Medway are actively targeting smokers as l have decreed that smokers have no rights and are to be denormalised, harassed, humiliated and robbed. This is called Operation Ciggie Busters. All the authorities in Medway have given their permission for me to carry out my doctrine.

All smokers should wear a patch stating they are smokers so they can be victimised whether they are in the act of smoking or not. This will ensure that the harassment can continue unabated. We have to eradicate this vile group. Next will be the drinkers and fatties. This will be Operation Drink Busters and Operation Fatty Busters.

These groups are not to exist in my world.


Gruppenfuhrer Maggie Gramegna