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Operation Ciggie Busters

Guten Tag,

Meine Schutz Staffen Jugend, Hundred of  Hoo Division, Medway (sorry ich vergessen .. English)

My SS Youth, Hundred of Hoo Division, Medway are actively targeting smokers as l have decreed that smokers have no rights and are to be denormalised, harassed, humiliated and robbed. This is called Operation Ciggie Busters. All the authorities in Medway have given their permission for me to carry out my doctrine.

All smokers should wear a patch stating they are smokers so they can be victimised whether they are in the act of smoking or not. This will ensure that the harassment can continue unabated. We have to eradicate this vile group. Next will be the drinkers and fatties. This will be Operation Drink Busters and Operation Fatty Busters.

These groups are not to exist in my world.


Gruppenfuhrer Maggie Gramegna


14 Responses

  1. “We shall never surrender”……..W Churchill

  2. Sounds about right, stupid bitch!

  3. Crazy freakin cow

  4. lol , our headmaster Mr Mahon is going to love this.

    Bye bye Margherita or do you prefer Maggie?

  5. “On November 9th 1938, Kristallnacht (the Night of Broken Glass) occurred in which Hitler Youths attacked Jews throughout the Reich. Police stood by and crowds watched as Jews were beaten while their shops and synagogues had their windows smashed and contents wrecked”

    I presume History is not on the curriculum at Hundred of Hoo Comprehensive school?

    • Should get rid of Margherita Gramegna and replace her with a history teacher. SS Gruppenfuhrer is bloody right!

  6. Leave the lady alone peeps, I’m having an orgasm just thinking of here in her uniform.

    Now that’s a woman!

  7. So Gruppenfuhrer what is next then?
    The night of the long knives perhaps?
    One way bus rides for smokers in sealed busses maybe?
    How about opening factories using free smokers labour?
    Or opening camps on Exmoor or Dartmoor?

    Mr Mahon, your staff would be better employed teaching the evils of National Socialism and not putting them to practical use!

  8. whats that kid screaming out in the vid? …. Seigy something or other

  9. Excellent work Gruppenfuhrer Margherita Gramegna. Next step is we shall be able to physically attack smokers with total impunity.

    ASH HQ

  10. I see that the excuse they are giving is that all in the film were actors although Margherita herself says that not all were.

    The point they are missing is that this was filmed in a public place … or are they saying that everyone was approached about being in the film? Certainly, by the still itself of the youtube vid, it shows a woman in the entrance of a shop who obviously isn’t ‘in’ on the film.

    One wonders if all these authorities that gave the green light for this film would’ve done the same if it had been Burka Busters (ref to French ban on wearing burkas)?

    l’m sure it would not have upset anyone to see a mob running up and screaming Burka Busters to someone wearing the burka … and then rip it off!

    Well, we all know the answer to that … but smokers have become the acceptable victim. However it is also noticeable that those involved in this reprehensible behaviour are retreating … FB pages being removed as was the vid and web sites becoming private.

    This issue has a way to go yet.

    Nice spoof site here by the way, the content of which is very apt indeed.

  11. Ciggy Hail. Sorry to inform you that Gruppenfuhrermaggie will be returning to her Native Italy to go on the staff of Benito Mussolini. I will miss her sexy stockings and suspenders and those naughty cigarettes we would smoke after sex.
    Benito needs someone to organize some witch hunts against a few minority groups though and his need is greater than mine.
    I hear i am to get a lovely replacement with Helga though who looks even better in stockings and suspenders.

  12. bit of rank inflation here. Surely should be Rottenfuhrer.

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